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Sugarloaf Mountain (The one you don't know about) 📍T5R7 WELS

Updated: May 19, 2022

Wow, just WOW is all I have to say! This trail is short, yet steep, a small scramble towards the top but the view is incredible! Highly recommend and I will definitely revisit this trail at some point as it is probably one of my favorites so far! Brock was leaving me in his dust cloud most of the way.. he was loving this trail! He even did the first scramble without me and the second one I literally just applied light pressure underneath him and he tackled it with ease! And then when we came back down, he was flying down and looking so brave!! 🥺🥰 #prouddogmom

There aren't a lot of markers on the trail but it’s easy to follow. All of the markers are at the top, however, it would be easy to follow them without! I logged this trail as 1.9 miles out and back with 873ft of elevation gain. Total time on this trail was about an hour and 15 minutes which included a couple of different photo shoots once we got closer to the top and at the summit. The 360° views are the summit are breathtaking. The trail is considered low traffic so we got the summit to ourselves which is always a reward, but to add the views that this mountain offers as well made for an amazing experience!

I recommend taking an SUV or truck to the trailhead because it’s 7 miles of dirt roads that do get a little tight and rocky for the last mile. The directions in the Maine Mountain Guide are spot on and easy to follow👌 If you don't have a copy of this book yet.. go get one.. it's amazing! (In stock on Amazon-- click the link above- Let me know if it doesn't work properly as it is my affiliate link through Amazon!)

Once you are done hiking, if you're hungry or craving a draft beer.. check out the Shin Pond Village The village features a restaurant and pub just a few miles away once you get back to Route 159 from the Grondin Road! They also offer lodging if you are too tired to make the journey home. Highly recommend!

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