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Group Hike

What should I wear?

Apparel varies on season and climate. As you know, weather in Maine can change in an instant! 

At minimum, please wear closed toed shoes with a decent grip on the bottom, some moisture wicking, comfortable clothing and packing a cheap poncho is always a great idea! 

Are group hikes dog friendly?

Most group hikes will be dog friendly for dogs who are also friendly. This could vary but will be in the event description.

Dogs must be under the owner's control at all times. I do reserve the right to separate dogs during a hike or refuse a dog from the group at a trailhead if there is any aggressive behavior that cannot be corrected.

What should I pack?

As for gear, other than a good pair of hiking boots or hiking shoes, water! Not all hikes will have potable water sources. If you expect to be out all day, or expect the temperatures to be high, then bring extra. It's always better to have extra water than it is to run out when you need it. I usually bring 2-3liters of water on every hike. Some of the other items that you can bring on a hike are the following:

  • Hiking boots/shoes

  • Water

  • Food and/or snacks

  • Hat

  • Sunblock

  • Sunglasses

  • Rain poncho

Can I bring a friend?

Yes! Most of my group hikes are to get more women comfortable in the outdoors! If you are bringing a friend with you, please secure two tickets at the time of signing up so I have an accurate head count on the day of the hike.

Are there hikes for beginners?

I offer hikes of varying difficulty levels, from easy flat walks, to long hikes with lots of elevation gain. Just know your limits, and choose hikes with a difficulty level that that you're comfortable with.

Most of the group hikes shared are for a beginner/moderate level hiker and meant to get you out on the trails if you don't know where to start! I like to keep these groups small to increase comfort level of all of the hikers within the group.

What about safety?

I keep hikes as safe as possible. If there needs to be a reroute based on weather or injury we will do so.

I always carry a Garmin InReach with me in case of emergencies. This device tracks our location and if needed, I can call for help.. even if we do not have service in our hiking location.

I am certified in Guide First Aid which has expanded my knowledge when it comes to injuries in the great outdoors.

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