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Outfitting Your Adventure Dog 🐶 ⛰

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Out on the town/quick hikes

MuttRuk: You can get by without having to buy too much if you are doing some quick walks. For short trips around town and short hikes, I rock a the MuttRuk "Sidekick" Retail: $68. This company has thought of everything for a simple pack for the owner and dog! It is shaped as a fanny pack which you can wear traditionally or I sling mine over my shoulder like a rope sling bag and it is currently available in three great colors!

Features for you and your dog!
Muttruk Sidekick

Adventure Days

Barkbrite: Barkbrite Adventure Pack Retail: $39.99

I absolutely LOVE this pack for Brock. It is affordable, durable, incredibly adjustable, includes flotation for "life jacket" purposes and you can remove the bags if you would like. This is the best all around pack for the money, hands down!! When Brock was at his heaviest weight, about 130lbs, he did max this out, but he also has a very stocky build. I have Brock carry 2 liters of water with him on all of our hikes because he drinks A LOT of water. I use the collapsible water bottles, 1 liter in each side like this: 1 liter collapsible bottle

Apparel and Specialty Weather Gear

Banded Pines: Brock is almost always in Banded Pines accessories! Their high quality is amazing! Easy to clean and highly durable!! Almost all of his bandanas are from this company and the only leash I really like to use comes from this company! The fabric is nice and soft from the start, no need to "break it in" which is nice because some leashes make you feel like you are getting rope burn if you don't use them all of the time. The Duraventure leash offers nice biothane accents such as the hand and you can also use the leash as a slip leash (which is what we do) or can unclip as a regular leash. It comes in 4 or 6ft legths (we prefer 6ft) and they are backed by a very nice warranty. You can also use the lobster clip hardware or upgrade to the carabiner, which is what we use.

This is Brock's personal link: Shop Banded Pines

Pictured: Duraventure leash Scarlet Teton and 1.5" Shattered Cider Collar in all three images.

Bandanas left to right: 1. Candied Harvest, 2. Buffalo Plaid and 3. The Fletching

Hurtta: From their website: "Smart, rugged, comfortable, and stylish, Hurtta dog apparel and gear is designed to help dogs and their owners get more out of every journey. We support the outdoor activities that dogs love, and we strive to inspire endless exploration with every product we design."

These products are HIGH quality. You do need to pay attention to the sizing chart as their measurements are very specific! I ordered both of Brock's pieces from Amazon, however, you can order directly from their website as well. Highly reccommend these products! I did order both of his coats when he was a little more chunky which means I had to size up slightly-- so he could probably go a little smaller now but these are still great pieces to have on hand!

Rain/Mud Coat: Hurtta Slush Combat Suit 28L

I purchased this suit for the days we are trekking through a lot of fresh rain fall, mud, water etc and I don't want Brock getting back in the vehicle completely soaked. I have even used this while we have been at outdoor events spectating when rain fall has started. It kept him comfortable and dry. I would probably order him the 28M next time, as he has lost weigh so he doesn't fill the suit out as much which leaves it a little long for his legs.

From their website: Hurtta Outdoors Slush Combat Suit is remarkably light, allowing for more agile movement during exercise. The overall is made of high-performance outdoor fabric, which provides effective protection against water, mud and dirt. The purpose of the Slush is to protect the dog's fur and skin from the elements and muck, particularly advantageous for long-haired dogs during walks so that the dog does not need to be washed too often in wet weather. The fabric of the Slush Combat Suit is laminated with Hurtta's patented, breathable and yet waterproof Houndtex lining, which ensures that any murky humidity stays outside the slush suit while being comfortable to wear, for the dog that is. This highly technical outdoor overall features many details that increase comfort and safety. Thanks to its adjustable waist band, collar and legs it is easy for the dog to run and play whilst wearing the suit. 3M reflector prints have been placed in highly visible areas to improve the dog's visibility during walks in twilight and the dark. The product is designed to be used in demanding circumstances by the dogs and owners who do not let weather limit their outdoor activities. The material of the Combat Slush Suit is beautifully soft and very weather durable making it ideal for demanding weather conditions and thick mud. The Slush Suit cannot withstand chewing, rough play, sharp manmade objects such as barbed wire or nicks from dense woodland such as brambles or rogue tree branches so do keep this in mind when choosing your walks.

Here is a cute little video of my boy watching truck pulls in his Combat suit

I don't see where this suit is available anymore, however it looks like you could use one of these suits instead: Hurtta Downpour Suit or the Hurtta Rain Blocker Suit

Winter coat: Summit Parka Dog Winter Coat- Brock's size:32 Orange

Unfortunately, I do not have any trail pictures of Brock in his coat just yet! It seems like everytime we head out.. it is too warm for him to wear a coat. He naturally runs hot and has a decent coat.

Mountain Ridge Booties: I picked these booties up for Brock in case we came across icy terrain that was too much for the pads on his feet. These booties are made right in Maine! They started making these booties because of the limited options on the market for their sled dogs! These booties are affordable and come in a variety of colors. They are custom made once you order the correct size for your dog's foot. Mind you, your dog will probably hate them the first few times they wear them. They will get used to them.. and the price you pay for these, even if you lose one on the trail.,

Weatherbeeta: Barn/Chores Coat: Comfitec Parka 1200D Deluxe Dog Coat

Brock's Size: 32

This is the ultimate coat for around the barn in the winter! It is quick and easy to take on and off and also includes belly coverage which most dog coats on the market do not offer. The coat is a 1200 denier which makes it tough and durable!

From their website: Top of the range waterproof and breathable dog coat with a tough 1200 denier triple outer, polyester lining and warm 220g of polyfill. Additional features include a full wrap chest and belly closure with a large collar featuring a leash hole and reflective strips for added safety at night and extra visibility.

If you have any questions about picking out gear for your dog, shoot me an e-mail or find me on Instagram! I would be happy to help you!

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